Do you know what are the top 6 complains from parents whose children are age 5 and above?

“My child lacks focus & attention!”
“He lacks confidence!”
“He is always so impatient & stubborn.”
“He simply refuses to listen to me.”
“He is not motivated at all!”
“He hates to go to school.”
Do you want your child to be like them?
The secret is…start early.
The earlier you start, the easier it will be.
Author of Nurture Me, Start Early

Karen Yeo

Founder Of Nurturing Young Minds
Certified NLP Practitioner
Parental Coaching
Train the trainer Certification
Advanced certificate in Training & Assessment

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Here’s What Other People Are Saying:
“Karen’s workshop was awesome! I could sense her expertise on the subject matter as she spoke. I love the tips that she shared on the right choice of words to “hypnotize” my children. I also like the teaching of the super memory that I picked up so that I no longer need to bring a grocery list to the market. I love her passion and energy. I feel that it is crucial to learn parental coaching for young parents like us as it is essential life skill that will help my children to succeed in life, and it is important to start at a young age. Karen is so sincere, she shares what she knows best. Keep it up and bring it on!” – Marilyn, Mother of two young children from the Philippines.
“Thank you, Karen, for giving me refreshing insights and practical tips on your parent coaching session. Everyday I’m so looking forward to the bonding time with my daughter. Learning can indeed be fun and interesting.” – Eunice Woo, mother of a beautiful 19 month old girl Art teacher at Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts, Junior Art Department
“My hubby and I are so happy to have attended Karen’s workshop as she has taught us a lot on how to nurture our 3mths old son! She is so experienced and willing to share the knowledge and skills with us! We are really so motivated after her workshop to start nurturing our son. Thanks Karen, keep your passion & enthusiasm on!” – Stacey, mother of a beautiful 3 month old boy

“Thanks Karen, for sharing your knowledge in NLP tools and applying it to my kids. They behave much better and respond positively to it. After using those “hypnotic” words I can see a great improvement in our communications. You also shared many practical experiences with me which I find very insightful & enriching. Most importantly, thank you for the energy that you pump into us- we need that!

Caroline, mother of two young handsome boys, 2 and 4 years old.

“Useful session! I picked up tips like the choice of words to use when I speak to my 4 year old girl, who can get stubborn at times. I also realised the importance of cultivating successful habits, it’s never too young to start!

Karen is Passionate, Patient & Positive, she is very nurturing & willing to share her knowledge. Thank you! – Tiffany, a devoted mum, a mother of a 9 months old son & 4 year old girl.
What You Will Be Learning:
  • You will never teach your child the same way as before!
  • You will remove your limiting beliefs!
  • Uncover your own parenting styles.
  • How to become the best parent you can be.
  • How do our children’s brains work?
  • How to stimulate a child’s brain to learn smarter?
  • Important to know the different stages of play.
  • How you should compliment your child to make it lasting and impactful!
  • Discover the tactic on how to “hypnotise” your child.
  • How to motivate a child to do well?
  • How to build resilience & grit?
  • And much, much more….

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