Hear what parents say

Karen’s workshop was awesome!

I can sense her expertise on the subject matter as she spoke. I love the tips that she shared on using the choice of my words to “Hypnotize” my children. I also like the learning of the super memory that I pick up so that I no longer need to bring grocery list to the supermarket anymore.

I love her passion & energy. I feel that it is crucial to learn parental coaching for young parents like us as it is an essential life skills that would help my children to succeed in life and it is important to start at a young age.

Karen is so sincere and she would share what she knows best.

Keep it up and bring it on!

I am glad to have attended Karen’s coaching session. Karen shared many of her experiences with me which I find them very insightful and enriching eg. Goal setting & encourage your child to work towards their goals. The tips on how to improve memory power were very useful and can be put into good use when I coach my child. Most importantly, she helped me to know my child’s learning styles & how to enhance my child’s learning.
I attended the one day NLP training for children and I have learnt so many ways to teach my 2 children, 2 & 4 year old, as both are unique in their own ways. As each child is different, Karen has helped to identify the learning methods that is best for each of them. I have also benefited from the program myself as I now have learnt how to speed read. This will help me a lot in my course of work as well. Karen also shares her valuable experiences with me which I can apply on them as well. I have improved in the way I manage my children’s learning as I have always wanted to be an intentional parent. Attend this NLP class so that we can achieve the goals we set for our children!
Thanks Karen for sharing your knowledge in NLP. It helps me to learn the skills as well as the knowledge on how to nature my kids in the correct & efficient ways. I can see great improvement in my son after applying the things I have learn through the 4 hrs lesson with you! I believe it will be applicable to all mummies out there as well.
Thank you Karen for giving me a refreshing insights and practical tips on your parent coaching session. Everyday I’m so looking forward to the bonding time with my daughter. Learning can indeed be fun and interesting.