Holistic Learning


My Programme

It is a transformation of learning, focusing on right-brain-early-intervention in nurturing young minds. Most importantly, parents are taught to consistently blend in NLP tools & techniques to make the whole learning journey fun & enjoyable. Our ultimate objectives are nurturing them to grow up holistically and become confident self-learners.

Highlights on Early Parenting workshop

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  • Using Enneagram personality system to understand your child better.
  • Identify your child’s learning styles
  • How does our brain function?
  • 6 ways to stimulate your child’s right brain.
  • How does our memory work?
  • 5 steps to remember things fast and for life!
  • How to cut down 80% of the studying time and use the time saved to relax.
  • Can your toddlers set goals?  YES!
  • How to keep them motivated?
  • How to learn in a fun way and still achieve 100%.
  • Scoring A is easy!

Early Literacy- Nurturing Young Minds

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This relatively new understanding of early literacy development complements the current research supporting the critical role of early experiences in shaping brain development- Language, reading, and writing skills

What Infants and Toddlers Can Do – it is much more than ABC. The most important thing is that they have fun while learning and that’s what brings true meaning out of it.

What's wrong with my children?

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  • Lack of confidence
  • Impatient and hot tempered
  • Anxiety about going to school
  • Lack of motivation
  • Poor concentration and gets into trouble at school
  • Difficulties in making friends
  • Cannot focus and not able to complete their homework
Do you face the same situation ?

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