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Karen Yeo Siew Ling
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Karen Yeo is the founder and the Training Director of Nurturing Young Minds. She has an ACTA certification and a train-the-trainer qualification. She has been a trainer, mentor cum coach for the past 20 years.

As she is a firm believer of early parenting, she had in mind how she was going to nurture her children even before they were born. Being a devoted mother she’s aware that learning can be through play. Thus, she designs her own style of experiential teaching knowing that it would make a difference in nurturing her children in a holistic way. By nurturing her children at a very young age, her boy was ultimately selected for the gifted stream when he was in Primary 3.

After achieving a parental coach certificate, Karen continue to inspire many new parents to follow in her footsteps through her selfless sharing. Being a qualified NLP (Neuro-linguistic Programming) Practitioner herself, Karen motivates and encourages many parents and adults out there through her Facebook page and group. She was also invited to be a guest speaker at Singapore Poly on “How to be motivated?” in 2015. 

With a fierce passion in sharing her early parenting knowledge, she strives to inspire other devoted parents to perform their roles well. In order to reach out to more parents, Karen has written a book cum journal – Nurture Me, Start Early.

“To me, life is not just about thinking what you can accomplish for yourself, it’s also about what you can do to help others.” — Karen